Vacuum handling systems

Advanced and high-quality components bring our Italian-made vacuum lifters to life. Electric, pneumatic, compressed air and battery-operated lifting systems can easily pick up slabs of various materials: glass, stone, marble, ceramic, plexiglass panels, plastic, steel, and cardboard boxes.


Our lifters are easy to use and maintain, and can be registered for warranty. Spare parts and accessories can also be obtained quickly.


Manzelli lifting systems ensure both stable handling of materials and operators’ safety when moving loads.


With technical features that can be adapted to different contexts and industrial sectors, our vacuum lifters can be customised for every need.

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Attractive design and a cutting-edge profile

Manzelli vacuum lifters serve the industrial sectors that deal with stone, steel, glass, sheet metal, plastic and paper materials.

Our lifting solutions are built to handle panels with polished and irregular surfaces efficiently and safely. The products are composed of a variable number of suction pads, for large-sized loads and for materials of smaller sizes, with the possibility of pneumatic or electric rotation and tilt.

The movement and integrity of the slabs are guaranteed by our vacuum lifters even in the case of very delicate materials, such as glass and ceramic. Maximum stability, excellent quality components and safety in movement: whatever your need, Manzelli lifters offer high-performance results.

Technical area

In our user area, you can access all the technical features of our products: catalogues, user manuals, and also the registration of your machine.