Vacuum pumps UPV

Production Units Empty UPV air from 20 to 340 m3 / h TOP LINE

Vacuum unit, working with compressed air at 4 O 4.5 Bar
The vacuum is equipped with galvanized steel tank, filter, oil bath, the Venturi of the highest quality, eco system that allows you to consume only the air necessary to produce vacuum.
Studied as an alternative to the electric pump system of the CNC.

UPV A 2020152460
UPV A 4040304460
UPV A 6060150460
UPV A 8080600460
UPV A 1001075504,5180
UPV A 1201286604,5180
UPV A 1501507704,5180
UPV A 1701708804,5180
UPV A 2001929904,5180
UPV A 22021511004,5180
UPV A 24023512214,5180
UPV A 25025613204,5180
UPV A 28027814304,5180
UPV A 30030015404,5180
UPV A 32023116504,5180
UPV A 34034217604,5180