Is the new system for water purification and industrial mud dehydration, made by Liftstyle.


It is an all-in-one solution, ideal for those who need a compact machine and a quick installation.

INTEGRAL is composed of a platform, and all the components that are needed for the water treatment are pre-installed on it. The modular structure facilitates transport, making it possible to ship in containers.


INTEGRAL has a capacity of 500 l/min and consists of:




High resistance electro-welded steel filter press, powder coated for protection against bad weather conditions. 8 filtering pads with 3 lt. capacity each. It is equipped with a switch panel of intuitive use, for the control of the primary functions of the system. 





The hot-dip galvanized steel silo, with a capacity of 8,700 lt. Complete with manual and pneumatic valve, for the management of waste sludge. Supplied with submersible feeding pump.





The hot-dip galvanized steel mixer. Composed of membrane pump, gear motor, stainless steel stirrer and suction filter.





The container for dosing and mixing the flocculant. Includes stainless steel stirrer and piston metering pump.


ModelLenght (L)Width (W)Height (H)Number of platesSize of platesType of pumpCapacity