Top Line Vakuumheber für Marmor/Stein


LOW version

Portata da 500 a 1000 Kg / PNEUMATIC tilt from 0° to 90°


Powered by compressed air with aluminium ejector and silencer

Operating pressure for vacuum creation 3.5 bar

Operating pressure for pneumatic tilt 6 bar 

Air consumption 95 l/min

Same capacity in horizontal and vertical position 

Steel structure, welded and certified EN ISO 9606 – 1:2013

Suction plates and backing plates made of stainless steel

Supports with rapid attack

Connection and disconnection of the plates by means of slider valve made of anodized aluminium; it locks when in connect mode

Vacuum gauge made of stainless steel and dipped in glycerine; the coloured scale facilitates the control of the vacuum level when in connect mode

Vacuum reserve tank made of aluminium

Self-governing luminous/acoustic alarm system with solar panels and complete with battery charger (it flashes and rings if the vacuum level is not sufficient for the lifting process)

KgNrD mmA mmB mmA1 mmB1 mmC mmD mmD1 mmD minD maxD2 minD2 maxL 1L minH mmL maxH1 mmKg
VAM 4/PN500 LOW50044502007808704701230950133015009001840415670
VAM 4/PN500 LOW50044502007808704701230950133024009002310415670
VAM 4PN/500 KTV LOW50045501507808704001310915137024008302390415670
VAM 4/PN1000 LOW10004450300780880670124010851370150011101855420715
VAM 4/PN1000 LOW10004450300780880670124010851370240011102220420715