Basic Vakuumheber für Marmor/Stein


Capacity from 125 to 1000 Kg / PNEUMATIC tilt from 0° to 90°


Powered by compressed air with aluminium ejector and nylon silencer

Operating pressure for vacuum creation 6 bar 

Air consumption 120 l/min

Same capacity in horizontal and vertical position 

Steel structure, welded and certified EN ISO 9606 – 1:2013

Suction plate and backing plate made of galvanized steel

Connection and disconnection of the plates by means of slider valve made of white pvc; it locks when in connect mode

Vacuum gauge made of black metal; the coloured scale facilitates the control of the vacuum level when in connect mode

Vacuum reserve tank made of painted steel

Electronic self-governing luminous/acoustic alarm system, complete with battery charger (it flashes and rings if the vacuum level is not sufficient for the lifting process)

C mmKgNrA mmB mmA1 mmB1 mmC mmD1 mmD min mmD max mmH mmH mmL1 mmL min mmL max mmD2 min mmD2 max mmKg
BAS 1PN/1251251450200780765865
BAS 1PN/1251251550150780720865
BAS 1PN/2002001600200780765865
BAS 1PN/2002001700160780735865
BAS 1PN/2502501450300780815865
BAS 1PN/2502501600250780790865
BAS 1PN/3003001600300780815865
BAS 1PN/3003001800200780765865
BAS 1PN/5005001600400780865865
BAS 1PN/500500180300780815865
BAS 1PN/8008001900450780895865
BAS 1PN/100010001900500780920865